The Tae Kwon-Do Books

The incredible Lisa Southard (writing about yourself in the third person is hugely entertaining, do try it) has now written two books intended as companions to TKD training. Inspired by her own and many borrowed students she has set up the publishing concern Black Belt Books which may be perused here:

In the Black Belt Books catalogue so far:

TALES FROM THE TENETS is five short stories based on the rules that TKD practitioners are expected to live by:
Self Control
Indomitable Spirit
Suitable for children from 8 upwards (approximately)

Available from Amazon worldwide


THE TIME TRAVELLING TAE KWON DO TOUR BUS AND OTHER STORIES is the result of both research and creative licence, to bring life to the meanings of the ITF colour belt patterns. This can be ordered via eBay or Only available in a print form currently, so be prepared to pay postage if you don't live within walking distance :-) 

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